back and then gone again

This past week was a busy one and I really just felt the need to unplug and take a little self-imposed blogging break. Sometimes it's good to just sit back, be in the moment, and not snapping pictures or worrying about checking blog related stuff. I have one more sponsored content post and then I'm free for a while of any obligations. For the past month I've been turning down any requests because, deadlines are stressful, lol. So, one last sponsored post and then I'm planning on taking things easy for the rest of the summer.


On Sunday Adam, the two girls, and I are heading out for a little vacation. We are spending three days at a cabin on a lake. We're taking the kayaks, there's little to no cell reception or internet, and I'm really looking forward to it. today also kicks off Adam having a whole week off from work and that's got us all super excited.
We are going to be back for the 4th and almost the entire family will be up here in New York for it.

I was down in Connecticut for a couple days with my dad and sisters (and my two kiddos, of course) and while down there my sweet sis in law, Claire, gave me this book. Now, I'm not really into the Whole 30 thing (since I love my carbs), but almost all these recipes look SO good, and, since that is how we eat most of the time anyway, I going try a few of them. Seriously, they look REALLY good.

Adam caught that giant fish (Walleye, I think?) a few weeks ago and after cleaning it put it in the freezer. We are planning on baking it for the 4th. I'm still deciding on how, but am leaning toward just stuffing it with lemon and onions, wrapping in tin foil, and cooking on the grill. It always turns out pretty good that way.

Guess who's walking? Yup, my little crazy bug! Piper Mae is on the move. Still not too steady, and she's only taken two consecutive steps, but that counts, right? In the photo above they were both so proud to have found and pulled all the toys out of the closet. I keep the extra toys (that are not in rotation) in the girl's closet to keep out of the way. I guess they found them. oops.

Today I'm going to try to take a walk, and I promised Adri we'd fill her pool again (the air went out and I had to dump the water). I'm sure I'll be back next week with lots of photos.

Have a great weekend! 


  1. Your plans sound very wise! Enjoy this special family time!

  2. Enjoy your break. You need it. Your girls are darling!

  3. Have a wonderful time away Rosie. You sure deserve this. Family time is so wonderful.

  4. What lovely photos. Piper sure seems to be enjoying herself with Auntie Mosi. Have a great 4th of July.

  5. Have a lovely break away :)



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