after the weekend: taking it easy

Well, at least we took it easy on Sunday. Saturday was busy. I cleaned the garage (Adam was gone fishing) with the help of the sisters and got rid of a ton of stuff. All of us girls then took a trip to town and did some shopping.

On Sunday we all woke up and the cold that the girls and I have had gotten worse (boo hoo). Everyone was grumpy and out of sorts. We decided that getting out of the house was probably the best plan (the best idea ever!) and we went and got lunch, and then took Adri Rose on her first fishing trip. She had SO much fun and it was the cutest ever.
Back home again and we made food, blew up the pool (Adri found a frog and tossed it in), watched some Supernatural, and then after dinner went for a walk up to the cemetery. Oh, and we booked our rental for our vacation in the Catskills the beginning of July, and now I can't WAIT.

So, my little bit of advice that I learned from this past weekend was; if you are having a lousy day/weekend/week get out and do something. Sitting at home never works. Even if that "getting out" is just going for a walk down the road. It's amazing how it can help give a little perspective, and totally change a mood.

Okay, now, moving on. HOW is it already Monday? I'm drinking coffee, but am hopping up to make breakfast in a few minutes. Later this morning I'm heading up to Welseytown to hang out for a bit. Most of the family is still here in the area and we've all been spending a lot of time together.

Have a great Monday! 




  1. Looks like a great weekend! Love the photo of Adri fishing.

  2. Yes, you just have to do the next thing and hope that it leads to the next thing and that you eventually laugh and smile and enjoy! Hugs, OtherM

  3. Sometimes, a change of scenery is just what’s needed.

  4. Love the photos of your sweet girls. Glad to see you taking it easy, one day at a time. I'll continue to pray for you and your family.

  5. Love your wise words Rosie. Glad your day ended up being wonderful.
    Being together with your family is bringing you comfort I know. A day hasn't gone by that I have not prayed for you all.
    Love and hugs,


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