Spring Bucket List: 2018

Okay, so now that the weather is really warming up and not only does the calendar say it's Spring, but it feels like it now, I'm planning all things SPRING.

This season's bucket list includes:

+Going to see the newest Star Wars movie in the theater with Adam at the end of the month.

+Celebrating Adriana Rose's third birthday the first weekend in June (all things dinosaur themed).

+Planting the garden (we've already started this one, but still have a ton left to plant).

+Take daily walks.

+Visit the zoo with the girls (hopefully this weekend!).

+Gather ramps and fiddleheads (already did the first, still have to do the second).

+Wait for the lilacs to bloom and then FILL the house with them {not really a bucket list thing, more like a life goal ;)}

+Clean the garage out. After being filled with crap all winter it needs a really good cleaning and clearing out.

+Visit the Farmer's Market. This is more like something we need to do a few times.

+Take a trip with the girls to New England to visit sister Julia.

+Take Adri to the aquarium (she's never gone).

That's it! As usual, I like to try to keep the list on the short side so that we actually do the stuff on it. 
Today the sun is shining. We are going to be heading out on our morning walk here shortly, and then later when Adam gets home from work we are going into town to go grocery shopping (anyone interested in seeing an Aldi haul on Insata stories?). 

Happy Wednesday!