favorites from my week

Hello and happy Friday! Is anyone else excited about that fact that it's the weekend?! This week was such a slow one around here and it seemed to crawl by.
Anyway, now it's over and I'm ready for a rainy weekend spent taking things easy.

It's been awhile since we had some favorites around here so here are a few fun things from this past week that I thought I'd share!

one| I got a new VoxBox (read more about that over here) and this time there were some fun products. I tried that hair recovery stuff last night and I'm curious to see if it helps my hair (my poor postpartum hair needs ALL the help it can get). The soap smells good, and I'm kinda excited about using the face mask, since I've been wanting to try one for some time now.

two| Now that we the weather has been warmer we've been taking a daily walk and I forgot how nice it is to get out and enjoy the sunshine. The girls either sing (Adri), nap (Piper) or scream (both) at some point. But they are also super cute, and we have fun, so it's all worth it ;)

three| Piper is big enough to take bath with Adri Rose in the big tub now and it's the cutest ever. They would play for hours in there if I let them.

four| There's a new Little Women mini-series coming out on PBS (the first episode aired last Sunday) and I'm going to watch it at some point this weekend. It looks excellent and I've heard only good reviews so far. 

five| Speaking of Little Women, Haley has a great podcast about it that I've been listening to over at Fountains of Carrots. If you have a free hour to go listen, it's good! 

six| Adri's butterfly habitat that Adam's mom sent her was such a big hit! Last weekend the butterflies emerged and we set them free Monday (?). She was so cute saying "goodbye butterflies" to each of them as we let them fly away. She has now requested that I get her a net so that she can catch more butterflies to put in the butterfly house to observe. 

seven| I ordered this book in from the library last week and picked it up yesterday. Just in time for some weekend reading! It looks like an interesting read. Basically about the Danish concept that you take children out every day no matter the weather, and the result is that you raise healthy, independent, and resilient children. I'll keep you updated on what I think about it (maybe a book review?).

So that's it! Have a wonderful weekend and I'll be back Monday!


  1. Cute babies...and they indeed grow up so fast!! Will you get up EARLY to watch the royal wedding? I might...heh, we shall see...fun to see some pagentry at times. I watched the new Little Women...I did enjoy it...hope you will too.


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