blog notes: May

It's been awhile since I posted a Daybook/Notes post. Actually, looking back I think the last one was sometime last year. Okay, so yes, wayyy overdue. Here's a little list of right at this moment around here.

Outside: the sun is shining and it's going to be another lovely day. I plan on planting some more of the garden and taking a nice long walk with the girls. We might even take a little trip to the playground later.

Listening: to the George Winston playlist of Pandora. Seriously my favorite. So relaxing and perfect background music.

Reading: well, I already talked about this the other day. I'm still in the middle of it. Really good, and I'm taking it slow (I'm a speed reader) because I don't want it to end! I guess that's the highest praise you can give a book?

In the kitchen: since it's so nice out we are going to grill tonight. b.b.q chicken, cole slaw, and roasted veggies are on the menu.

Plans for the rest of the week: since Adam's been working late all week I'm sure we'll take the weekend easy. He has something going on all day Saturday, and I'm going to go up and visit the parents and sisters for the day in Wesleytown. Sunday I'm sure that we'll all crash! 

Around the house: it's been so nice to have all the windows open. Adri's been bringing lots of flowers in so we have bouquets everywhere. I've been Spring cleaning like crazy and currently have all the girls clothes piled on the guest bed waiting to be sorted through.

Planning: a certain 2 year old's three year birthday! How is it that my baby is turning THREE in under a month?

Loving: watching my babies play together. Now that Piper is more mobile (hello, almost walking!) they do EVERYTHING together, and it's so sweet. Also, built-in buddy means I no am longer the only person Adri has to interact with during the day. A huge help when I have work to do.

Watching: along with everyone else I've been watching (and loving) Handmaid's Tale. So good, so intense, and so well done. I've also been watching new episodes (on Netflix) of one of my other all-time favorite shows, Jane the Virgin. A nice, light-hearted break from Handmaid's Tale.

Everything else: I have a teething baby, a pile of work waiting for me, and a bunch of other random, mundane things like watering plants, making breakfast, and hanging laundry all on my to-do list.

Happy Hump Day! 


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