April Snow In Wesleytown

It was as if April wanted to go out with one big bang and did so by giving us a few inches of snow yesterday morning! 
It was pretty, but honestly, everyone around here is done with snow. Thankfully it only lasted for a few hours and then melted when the sun came out.
I was up at my parent's house for the day and managed to snap some photos to document it (I had forgotten to take pictures before leaving our place). 

Now it's sunny and warm today. I looked at the weather and it's saying it might even get up to 75 degrees. Ha, it's like we live in Colorado right now. 
I'm off to clean, wash some dishes, and put in a load of laundry. I'm sure the girls and I will be spending most of the day outside soaking up the nice weather.

Happy Tuesday! 



  1. It has been crazy. We had no snow but its been chilly and now very warm!


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