after the weekend: SPRING

I think it's safe to safe that Spring has finally arrived at Deer Pond Farm! All day Saturday I had the windows open, music playing, and even washed the sheets. A friend came over with his tiller and tilled up the garden and now it's ready for planting. Only this year we are moving things around a bit. The potatoes and green beans are going in the lower bed and the rest of the stuff in the raised beds up on the hill.
Adam spent most of Saturday out fishing (he left before any of us were even out of bed, when it was still dark) and caught two big walleye that we plan on having for dinner tonight.
Saturday afternoon after all the house cleaning I took the girls to return library books, stopped at the playground, and then went to the thrift store over the hill from us. 

Sunday morning I took the girls and dropped them off at my parent's place so that they could take them to church with them (it was Piper's first time going, so, big deal), and then Adam and I went to the woods for a little day-date (that's the kinda thing that we get excited about) and went ramp digging, fishing, and for a hike. It wasn't long, but it was nice to do something child-free together before this busy week we have ahead (Adam is in class after work, and won't be getting home each night until late).

Things have been busy around here (they always get busy as the weather warms) but I've been trying to read a bit more. I realized the other day that I hadn't even read a book in a while! I'm usually always reading and for some reason, I haven't found anything to actually get into lately. I started this over the weekend and it's as good as I hoped it would be. So, here's to making more time for reading again!

Friday night I also watched this after Adam went to bed early (he was getting up early to go fishing). It's the story of Robin Cavendish who was struck down by polio at the age of 28. With the support of his wife, he found ways to live a fulfilling and productive life and helped to change the lives of many other polio victims. Directed by Andy Serkis this is a slow-moving, but fascinating story. Warning: a very very sad movie, and also intense. 

Today it's supposed to be nice out, so I'm taking the munchkins for a walk. Now I'm off to make breakfast and hang laundry.

Happy Monday! 



  1. We recently watched that movie and enjoyed it, though its sad. The girls are so cute.


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