after the weekend: mother's day 2018

So, being really honest here. Mother's Day weekend was not exactly a great one We got some sort of stomach bug on Friday and both Piper and I were sick. And then on Sunday morning, Adam got sick. So, basically other than for a few hours on Saturday somebody in the house was either throwing up, had a fever, or was in bed. 
Yeah, like I said, not a good weekend. 

We did manage to fit in lots of cuddles, snuggles, and kisses though. And since I spent all Sunday solo parenting (Adam was sick in bed with the bug) I got to be with the two little bugaboos that made me a mama, and that was pretty great.

The bathtime chaos ;)

Okay, moving on. It's MONDAY already?! How did that happen? Other than a trip to the library and MOPS this week we don't have a whole lot planned. This coming weekend we are going to try to take the girls to the zoo. Adri loves it there and now that Piper is a bit bigger I'm sure she will too (the last time she went she was only a few weeks old).

Summer is all about the ice pops.

This week it's supposed to be a nice one; warm, sunny, and all that. Today we are going to try to head out early to soak up the vitamin D, take a walk, and water the garden. Speaking of garden, our peas are already sprouting! Adri is so excited and has been checking every day for sprouts. 

Last week we took some fougasse and made a pizza out of it. If you don't know what fougasse is, it's basically like a French flatbread that has some seasonings on it and is perfect for dipping in butter and sauce. Anyways, we made ours into a pepperoni, leek, riccota, mozzarella pizza and it was delicious.

My sweet mother in law sent this to Adri a couple weeks ago and it's been the biggest hit. She absolutely loves it! After the caterpillars spun their cocoons we moved them to the butterfly house, and are now going to set the butterflies free today. The best part is that now that we have the house I'm going to get Adri a net so she can put the butterflies that she catches in there to observe for a day or two.
I highly recommend this to anyone with littles. It's an easy way to watch the butterfly life cycle. Also, it comes with five caterpillars, which is a nice amount!

Now I'm off to clean my house, get some work done, and wash (the never-ending) laundry.

Happy Monday!