Latest Library Haul (books for the small ones)

We went to the library earlier this week and stocked up on some new reading material. I found some really good children's books that Adri has been reading for the past two days, and I thought I'd share them here.

The Big Umbrella.
A happy, easy to read, good-for-small-kiddos book. Illustrations are good too.

Caps For Sale and the Mindful Monkeys.
Another sequel to Caps for Sale, this is written in the same style and just as good.

Hello Hello.
Lots of words for little children combined with colorful pictures and animals. Quite a bit like Eric Carle's books.

Adri is OBSESSED with this book. We've read it about ten times. It's cute, easy to read (hardly any words) and I highly recommend.

A Bear Sat On My Porch Today.
Written in a rhyming style, this is a funny and creative story. Reminds me of P.D. Eastman's writing a bit.

The New LiBEARian.
Storytime, missing librarian, a bear in her place. Another really good one that Adri likes. Not too long either. The perfect bedtime read.

I Love A Book.
This one I loved and was a fan of, but Adri not as much. Maybe it's meant for older children? Anyway, she lost interest. I love the illustrations though, and it's really good. Just more for 4-6 year age range.

What To Do With A Box.
A boy, a dog, and all the things they find to do with a box. Not only is this one an interesting read, but also has some good ideas!