is it already Tuesday?

I can't believe it's Tuesday already! Mondays are always super busy work days for me though, so I'm actually not surprised that I didn't have time to write an After the Weekend post. 

Anyway, I'm sure the big question is, did we find the snake?? Ahem. No, we did not. Well, at least, not yet. There is a chance that she could show up at any point, like even months from now. So we'll keep our eyes open and hope for the best.

Yesterday Adam came home from work early and took off to go fishing with a buddy. I piled the girlies in the car and we went up to my parent's place for the afternoon.
I got in a nice visit with Mama, and the sisters were the best of aunties and held babies, drew pictures with Adri, and even took her out to play in the snow.
We came home, Adam came home shortly afterwards, and then he made dinner (yes, I know how good I have it!) and then it was an early-bedtime-kinda-night for all of us.

Okay. So that was Monday. Now it's Tuesday, and it's SNOWING outside again. I'm getting ready to tackle some house related stuff today, like cleaning, laundry, and such.

I'm doing a Library Book List later this week, but I did want to link to two of our current favorite reads around here that Adri LOVES.

Caps For Sale (an old one, and also a favorite from my childhood. We've read this about five times and she keeps asking to read it again!
(there are also two sequels to that book, and I just placed them on hold at the library).

the second book is Little Blue Truck's Springtime (sequel to the Little Blue Truck book). It's a lift-the-flap board book, and since Adri love those, has been a huge hit.
I believe that there's also a few other Little Blue Truck books, besides those two.

I'm off to clean, work, and make breakfast, and walk.

Have a lovely Tuesday!


  1. It snowed nearly all day here yesterday, but it didn't lay at all!

    Your girls are so adorable! Caps for Sale was a favorite book for us too.


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