family weekend

I have a lot of work waiting for me so I'm going to keep things short and sweet. We had a wonderful weekend!

Friday was Adam's and my anniversary (four years!) and thanks to my family kindly babysitting we were able to out for the night. We got dinner, and went thrifting (yeah, I know, we have fun doing that kinda thing though) and it was just nice to have some one-on-one time (the first in months!).

On Saturday I took the girls grocery shopping with me in the morning, and then once we got home we all went to the nature center and then down to the river so that Adam could fish for a bit. It was so nice out (don't be fooled by the hat and coat that Adri was wearing-she's just addicted to them)! It feels like Spring might, just might, be finally here! We are more than ready for it too.

Sunday was another lovely warm day. Although our morning was thrown just a bit off by both girls waking up at 3:00am. I ended up getting out and heading downstairs with them for a few hours. Piper fell back to sleep around 5:00am (and slept until her usual waking time at 6:15am) but poor little Adri was awake until 6:30am. She finally passed out and slept until 9:30am! Adam went fishing and caught three rainbow trout, I went up to my parent's with the girls to vist a bit for the afternoon and then came home and we made dinner and worked on meal planning (we're trying this for the next few weeks). Both girls passed out at 7:00pm for the night (that's early for them) and Adam and I sat around wondering what we did before having children. Ha.

Now it's Monday. There is a lot of work waiting for me, and it looks like it's another really nice day outside. I'm going to hurry and get things done so we can go enjoy the beautiful weather.

Happy Monday!