DockATot review: an update

I posted about getting our DockATot back in January, and I've had a few people ask if we are still using it and how I like it, so I thought I'd post a little update.

We are still LOVE with our DockATot and use it every day. I'd say it's fair to say it's one of the most used baby items I've ever had and only wish I'd had one for Adri when she was a baby.

I have it in Piper's pack and play (that's where she naps) and she loves it. Before putting in in the pack and play she hardly ever was able to nap, and woke up after about ten minutes of going down. But now with the DockATot in it she sleeps SO well.
I also took it with us when we went away for the weekend and she slept in it then, and again slept really well. it was like she didn't even know we were away from home.
As far as holding up, it's still in great condition, no fading, and the bumper pillow part is still firm and round.

Seriously. I highly recommend this to anyone having a baby. Yes, they are pricey, but well worth it--even if you have to ask a couple people (like parent and grandparents) to go in on it together, as a "big" gift.

Also, I was a bit worried that the Grand was going to be too big, but it's not at all. In fact, I love that even though Piper is getting bigger (and she's on the tall size) she still fits really well in it (so does Adri for that matter, even though she never uses it).

One last thing. We do not use our Dock in bed (although you could). We do co-sleep, but Piper is a cuddle bug and likes to sleep right next to me. So, no, we don't use it in bed, but only because in our situation I don't think it would work for us.

**Side note: DockATot also offers payment plans, if you really want a bed, but can't afford to shell out all that money at once. 
**Use coupon code 10EXIT to save $10.00 off your Dock! 


  1. My nephew hates sleeping in his crib....I think this could be helpful but I'm afraid my sister would be worried about suffocation on the sides of the bedding...? My nephew is 9 months old and can walk and you think this thing would still work for him?

    1. I know that DockATot has to specify that you cannot use them in a crib (for safely reasons) but Piper can also stand, crawl, etc and I would use it in her crib without any concern. I think as long as they can move themselves it would be safe (wouldn't want an infant getting their face stuffed against the side). So, yes, I personally would say I think it would work fine and be completely safe. Like I said, Piper sleeps in her's for every nap (only I have it in our pack n play downstairs).


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