Our Weekend

What a weekend! Cold, snowy, and full of fun. Saturday we went out to the city to go out to eat (which was kinda a fail and we had to pack up and leave #tiredtoddler), and buy Adri a couple hamsters (that ended up getting loose in the car and we almost lost #notagoodthing).
Sunday my parent's took Adri to church with them (something she loves) and I went grocery shopping with just Piper. Only having one child with me feels like the easiest thing in the world now, and it was a nice little afternoon spent shopping, and then some house cleaning with Adam.

Other than all that we also spent the weekend reading (this), brewing beer, playing in the snow, and making good food.

We have a lot of snow now, and the weather forecast is calling for even more at the end of the week. On the bight side it's not all that cold out (high 30's and 40's) and is supposed to only get warmer. 

I'm off to clean up, make some breakfast, and get the day started. 

Happy Tuesday! 

p.s the hamsters are fine. safety in their new home, and go by the names Jacko and Fluffy ;)


  1. We take our granddaughter to church with us, she loves it and so do we! You're getting quite the collection of animals at your house!


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