"it's Friday, Friday!"

Just a little glimpse of ALL the snow that we have. And guess what? It's even snowing more today! We've basically been doing a lot of shoveling. 

This little love bug has two teeth now, and is officially crawling all over. She's also turned into a little vacuum and nothing is safe from her mouth.

Aren't these printable quotes lovely? They're from Janssen over at Everyday Reading. I have a wall of quotes in my laundry room, above the washer, and I added these to it.

Lately I've been craving everything fresh and green (must be I'm getting tired of Winter ;)) so we've been having more than the usual amount of salads and stir frys--so many in fact, Adam has requested that I switch things up this week when I shop.

We're ready for the weekend! Today I'm making my shopping list, cleaning the house, and I have to go pick up the jeep from the shop. 
Tomorrow Adam has work, I'm going to grocery shopping, and we have to go to the library to pick up books (on hold) at some point. 

Somehow last night one of Adri's beloved hamsters, Fluffy, escaped and is gone. She's heartbroken about it. If you happen to think of it please say a little prayer that we might find Fluffy again. If we don't find her by the end of the weekend we may have to go out and buy a new Fluffy....

Have wonderful weekend, and Happy St. Patty's Day {the Irish in my family is coming out strong tomorrow ;)}!


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