heading into the weekend

Oh, hey, it's FRIDAY! And Good Friday at that. Easter and the 1st of April both this weekend! 
I've been a slacker and don't even have baskets put together for the girls yet. I DO have the baskets though, and I know what I'm going to out in them, so that counts, right?

The weather this past week (other than Monday) has been cold, gray, and rainy. We've pretty much spent the past week holed up inside. 

Look who gained a whole entire pound in one week! This little chunk in having a growth spurt and swiftly headed toward being a 19 pounder!

All the baby bunnies have left to their new homes and we are back to one rabbit cage and two bunnies. Jack and Pepper are SO happy to be back together again, it's the sweetest. I hadn't realized that they were so attached to each other.

Just me and my girlies, hanging out. Adri always has an apple or a carrot in her hand, and it's so stinkin' cute.

Last night I was making dinner and looked over and saw this. Now that Piper is mobile it's keeping us on our toes. These two have started getting in soooo much trouble together. It's adorable, and also makes for really busy days.

We are ready for the weekend. Adam is planning on getting in some trout fishing, I have to go shopping at the store tomorrow, and the sisters are coming over to dye eggs.
Sunday we'll have an egg hunt in the morning, and then everyone will be over for dinner in the afternoon.

I hope each of you has a blessed Easter.