Five Day Cleaning Challenge

This past week I've been doing Kendra's #justcleanit Challenge. With all this nice weather I've totally been in Spring Cleaning mode and with her day-by-day prompts cleaning has never been easier. 
Each day she sent an email with the room to cover that day and a list of things the clean. I basically skimmed over the list and started a few of the tasks, getting them done as quickly as possible.

This method worked really well for me, since I usually have most of the basics done, but there are some things that I never think of to clean-like baseboards, and the coffee maker.

Day #1 was the kitchen. I spent about an hour cleaning and my, what a difference it made! I wiped down the fridge, de-cluttered, mopped, washed windows, and cleaned the oven.

Day #2 was the living room (which is probably the cleanest room in the house, since I'm in it a lot). 
We cleaned under the couches, and couch cushions, dusted, washed windows, organized shelves, and swept cobwebs.

Day #3 was bedrooms. Since the two main bedrooms were already deep cleaned ( I did that last week) I focused on the guest room. Especially the guest room closet. Anyone remember in Friends, and Monica's closet? Yup. That's the guest room closet. I got rid of a ton of stuff, changed sheets, washed windows, and vacuumed everything.

Day #4 was bathrooms. I deep cleaned both of them, washing windows, mopping, sweeping, getting rid of old products, and wiping everything down well.

Today is Day #5 and it's all the random spots that get neglected. I'm going to work on the laundry/sewing room. There are a lot of boxes that are still in there from the move, along with the old washer that doesn't work anymore and needs to come out.

And that's a wrap! I feel like my house is SO much cleaner, and I have seriously gotten rid of so much stuff. And I feel like I could even go through my house again and find more things to toss out.

It's been almost a year to the day since we moved here to Deer Pond Farm, and a week later we had the biggest storm of the year. History is repeating it's self because as I type we have snow piling up outside. Adam's home from work (the roads were not even plowed this morning) and we are planning on having a lazy snow day.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Im so glad this challenge motivated you too! Its been a game changer for my outlook on cleaning.

    1. Mine too! I usually have a pretty clean house, so it really helped to have a list to look at really quick and grab out the things that I knew needed to be done. Very little pressure!


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