after the weekend: St. Patrick's Day

How was your weekend? We sure had a fun one! 
Saturday Adam ended up not working, so we dropped the kiddos off at my parent's and Adam and I went shopping together. We also visited a few thrift stores and found some treasures (my favorite may be that copy of Howl's Moving Castle-anyone else love that book and movie?).
After we were back home we made a boiled dinner, and I made Irish Soda Bread (I do every year) and we feasted.

Last Thanksgiving the brothers introduced us to Moscow Mules, and I decided to make them again this weekend (Aldi has really good Ginger Beer). Of course I had to get the traditional copper mugs. Let me tell you though, those mugs are WONDERFUL. Not just for MMs either. They keep your drink so cold!
(for those that don't know, a Moscow Mule has ice, vodka, lime, and ginger beer in it)

Sunday morning I took the girls and we went back up to visit at my parent's again (just for a little while) and once we got home Adam and I deep cleaned the house. 
We pulled apart the laundry room, moved my sewing stuff up to the guest room, and made a play room for Adri. I was not sure how I would like it but it seems to be great so far! Nice and cozy, and the toys are more contained, which works well. Next on my list is this table and chairs for in there.

The exciting news is that Adri found her hamster! Fluffy was hiding in the heat vent and came up looking to get out Saturday night. We have one very happy little girl, so thank-you for all your prayers.

Last night both girls were up a lot, and I'm running on very little sleep, plus I have a ton of work waiting for me after the weekend, so I'm making this short.

Have a wonderful Monday!