after the weekend: baby mice, first walk of the year, and I need a new show recommendation

It ended up being so beautiful and warm out yesterday that we took our first walk of the year. Of course Piper cried and had to be transferred to the carrier, and Adri wailed to get out of the jogger, but I'd say that all in all it was a successful, seeing that we got about a mile in ;)

This was all the adorable cuteness going on BEFORE Piper started crying to get out.
Adri was singing and holding hands with her and it was so sweet. 

I've been craving sunlight, summer and warmth these past few days. I think we are officially done with Winter and ready for it to get hot.
Adam has some seedlings started, and we have been planning our garden layout. 

This precious little soul is getting so big. She has two teeth, is eating food like a big girl, and crawling allll over. This week I'm working on transitioning her to her crib to sleep at night (I've been putting it off for way too long) and I'm sure she's not going to be happy (she's a major snuggle bug in bed).

Things with Adri have been a bit rough lately (#toddlers) and I posted this last week. All the kind words and encouragement meant so much to me. Thankfully things are going a bit better right now, and I'm sure this is just a stage that will soon pass.

A little pet update: all the baby bunnies are now spoken for and the last one goes to it's new home tomorrow. Adri loved having them and has been pretty sad to see them leave. I told her that Jack and Pepper were more than enough though, and she seems to be doing good with that.
We have baby mice! One of Adri's mice gave birth to some babies this morning. I've never seen baby mice so this is a whole new adventure.

It's warm out today, and after naps I think we'll try to go get some sun. 
I can't believe that Easter is right around the corner--next weekend! It looks like we'll be having our egg hunt indoors unless by some miracle all the snow melts in a week (keeping my fingers crossed). We got the girls Easter dresses over the weekend, and my, oh, my they are SO cute. 
I'm reading this today (didn't have a chance to read over the weekend) and it's good so far! I'm really looking into getting into Essential Oils and have been doing a lot or research about them. Any experts out there that can give me some tips? 

I just finished watching all six seasons of Parenthood (I cried at the season finale) and now I need a good show recommendation. So if you're currently watching something good (it can be an old show) please let me know!
{we have Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Netflix, if that helps to narrow things down}

I'm off to make lunch, hang laundry, and take the girls outside to play.
Happy Monday! 


  1. Rosie, my little one is 2 1/2 and life around here is a very tiring combination of orneriness and stubborness with occasional glimmers of delight. We missed the terrible two's with my older boy, so I was not prepared for this. It is hard, and with this age, I think you can be a great mom and still feel like a failure most of the time. I know I do. It is tiring dealing with an irrational little person. I can't wait to see the Easter dresses. And good luck with crib sleeping. These transitions always make me anxious, but they usually aren't as I fear. I hope it's the same for you.

    Regarding tv: I just discovered New Girl. I rarely give new shoes a try, but this one is really funny. I'm a huge Office fan, and it was a recommended show for fans of The Office. Jess reminds me of a pretty, young Michael Scott -- she's dorky and I like that. The other characters are funny, too. I also discovered This is Us. It is very good, but in a different way, and certainly not a lighthearted escape type show.

    1. Oh, Jenny, I'm in the same boat! I thought that we were going to miss the terrible twos, but nope, they showed up when she's almost three! lol I'm happy to say things are going a little bit better lately though.
      I love New Girl! It's one of my favorite shows, and so is The Office! I have to agree about Jess reminding me of Michael Scott as well lol

  2. And one more thing about toddlers. I thought of this last night after a weekend filled with meltdowns over the most inane things. When they are babies, they really fuss to get what they need. I think the meltdowns are very similar to that, only since they are bigger we can't be so quick to appease, especially since it's not what they really need that they are fussing about. They don't understand need/want, but they do know that a big fuss worked in the past. These are just my thoughts and probably make no sense, but thinking about it like this helps me have just a bit more patience.

  3. Before getting into essential oils, I’d suggest learning more about them before diving in. I studied herbs for almost ten years and was shocked by the conflicting information regarding safe use, and am still learning more. First be sure any essential oil you buy is actually essential and not synthetic, as well as understanding these are extremely concentrated forms of herbs. Not many people bother to find out that for example oregano can be extremely toxic, so a bit too much oil of oregano can be as well. Teatree oil can be over used and another fact men and boys should be careful using it and lavender oil because they can have an estrogen like impact on them Some herbs so called herbalists recommend for headaches like burdock or wounds are toxic as well. Lastly never take the word of one herbal remedy book, so many of them are pie in the sky. The FDA hasn’t studied herbs since 1959 and they can be dangerous. You can’t do too much research.

    1. Hi Mary,
      Thanks so much for the heads up. That is exactly why I'm trying to read up as much as possible before taking the plunge. Thankfully I have quite a few very knowledgeable friends that have been giving me some good advice and I feel safe listening to. I;;m excited to keep learning more! I'm definitely only talking about using *real* essential oils. lol

  4. I discovered Heartland about a year ago and love it. We just started getting the latest season (#11)on the UP Channel since it is almost over in Canada. My teenage granddaughter started watching it on Netflix after seeing an episode when visiting here and she is waiting for Netflix to get another season (I think she said they only have nine of the eleven seasons.)


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