weekend away

Happy Monday! We are trying to get back in the groove here after being gone for the weekend. If you saw my Insta stories you'll have already seen that we had a great time! Sometimes only traveling an hour away can still be a wonderful thing. We got a hotel room, went out to eat, and swam in the pool (Adri's favorite part). 

Look how happy that little person is. The girls were so big the whole time. Adir had a couple meltdowns, but Piper was a trooper. They even went to bed right one time (we basically just followed our normal routine, trading in the pool for the tub) and Piper almost slept the whole night though without waking up! Yay for dark hotel rooms, amiright? 

I really love these pool pictures. Adri was a bit nervous at first, but by the morning we left she was jumping into my arms and floating all over the place. I think we need to get somebody swimming lessons this year!

Oh, and the pool was just right. Nice and warm, but not hot. Basically like a big bathtub.

Past years on our weekend away: 2015, and 2016 (we missed 2017 because we were in the middle of moving).

We hit Barnes and Noble right at story time and Adri was so happy. It was Dr. Suess themed, and the gal reading read about six of his books. I think it was the longest Adri's ever sat for at story time! 

Now it's washing all the laundry, and cleaning, and planning dinner (roast chicken). Pretty much normal life around here. I think it's warmish out today so I'm going to try to take the girls for a walk later. 

Have a wonderful Monday!