the man behind the blog+wooden watch giveaway!

 (I received this watch compliments of Jord Wood Watches. All thoughts and opinions are mine alone).

Let's be honest here. If it wasn't for my man's hard work, making it possible for me to spend the bulk of my days at home, I'd be far too busy to write on this little ole' blog. We'd be back to some every-few-weeks-a-quick-hello-post and that would be it.
Anyway, I don't talk a whole lot about Adam on here, and that's a shame. Mostly because I love him dearly, but also because (at least I think so) he's a pretty cool guy.
Besides, with Valentine's Day fast approaching I don't know a better time to gush about my man ;)

He's a welder by trade, and a very good one at that. He works at a big place (they have over 2500 employees) about 25 minutes from us.
For the past two years he has spent almost every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday night watching Adri Rose (and now Piper) while I'm at work. This is after a long day at work, often having gotten up before 4:00am that morning.
He loves anything outdoors. Hiking, gardening, fishing, and hunting. His dream life is a little farm with some animals and being totally self-sufficient, where he'd happily live without a phone or internet  (ha. good luck with that one though-he's living with ME).

He also loves the solar system, marine life (he's obsessed with sharks), and science. I'll often find him watching some obscure show about one of those on Netflix.

He also has the best long term memory, remembering things from way back in his childhood, and even the names of (literally) everyone he knew, but also has the worst short term memory and can't remember where he put his hat 20 minutes ago. I often joke and tell him he'd lose his head if it wasn't attached to his body.

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He's not a Mr. Fix-it sort of guy by any stretch of the imagination (he'd tell you so himself) but every once in a while he'll surprise me and do something like fix the bearings or starter on the truck. So maybe he's handier then even he knows ;)

He loves to cook, read Stephen King, is a perfectionist, a talented artist, hates the rain, loves animals, brews beer, and is way more sensitive than me.

People always talk about how hard it is to find gifts for "the guys", and I swear there must be thousands of gift guides online. However, I've never had a trouble finding or thinking of gifts for Adam. Actually, for me it's always been the opposite-there's too many things I can think to get him. That's why when Jord wanted to send over a watch I was so excited. Adam hasn't had a watch since I met him, and I knew was something he's been not only needing, but wanting.  Honestly, these are the most beautiful watches I've ever seen. The natural quality of the wood makes it unique and stylish. They can also be engraved, which adds such a personal touch.

Seriously, if you are looking for something special for the man in your life (or anyone at all, for that matter, since Jord has wooden women's watches too) this is THE way to go.

Go here to shop men's watches.

This is the watch that Adam is wearing: Luxury Wooden Watch

NOW. Here is the very best part (saved for last). Jord has kindly offered to give a watch to one of you guys! Just go here: GIVEAWAY: to enter! 

*giveaway ends 02/25/2018*