Piper Mae: Five Months Old

Just LOOK at that adorable little fat face!

First off. Happy FEBRUARY! I'm so happy that we are finally out of January. Was it just me or did that seem like the longest month ever? Either way, now we are in a new month and that's (in the words of Adri) awesome
True to New York weather we are starting out the month with a nice big snowstorm. Yesterday was lovely, warm, and most of our snow melted. This morning we awoke to snow everywhere. #thanksnewyork

We don't really have any weekend plans, especially now that it's snowed. Since Sunday is the Superbowl I know where Adam will be (hint: the couch) and we'll have pizza and snacks. But other than that there's not much going on.

Do you have any plans for the weekend? How about the Superbowl? Any football fans in family?

Have a wonderful weekend!

A day early, but here's a Wee One update.

Weighing in at a whopping 16 1/2 pounds our little Pipey sure keeps us busy!  She's been moving like crazy and the world's happiest person.
I gave her her first bit of food the other night, and she liked it! It was applesauce, and only a very small bit, but I think she would have eaten the whole thing!

At five months old Piper is:

+rolling over.

+scooting around the floor.

+sitting up (with a tiny bit of help).

+talking up a storm.

+smiling, laughing, and giggling.

+grabbing things.

+holding out her hands to be picked up, or held.

She loves: 

+playing with her toys.



+the kitties and the bunnies.

+Adri Rose.

+watching P.J. Masks with Adri.

+car rides (she falls asleep right away).

+her down comforter.

Happy Five Months Piper Mae! 


  1. So cute, she has such gorgeous eyes! Mine is 8 months old and she is already crawling everywhere already. Time, will you just sit still?! :) :)

  2. Cute babies...both of them!! Unusually blue eyes too!!


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