If you live anywhere in the northeast section of the US I'm sure you're in the same boat as we are--surrounded by snow. I feel like we've had more snow this past week than we have the whole winter put together. I'm hanging on to the dream of Summer (anyone else immediately think of the Frozen song when I said that?)  and holding out for it. 

The girls and I have been mainly stuck in the house. Reading books, eating popcorn, taking baths, more reading, watching t.v, playing with play doh, and generally just keeping busy and trying not to get cabin fever.

Today we are going to brave the cold and snow at some point to go grocery shopping. I'd probably wait until the weekend, however Adam's birthday is tomorrow and I have to grab things to make a cheesecake.

Yesterday I pulled out my journal and started cutting pictures to paste in it (see below). Adri joined me and we spent most of the morning looking at old magazines filled with flowers. Adri was so cute, gluing bits of paper in her notebook like mad. 

Also, can I just say how FAST Piper is growing? I feel like I blink and there's something new that she's doing. She's about a week away from crawling, laughs, giggles, sits up (mostly without help) and is the life of the party. Honestly, it's adorable how much she loves Adri Rose. They are already best of friends and I love it. 

Off to drink more coffee, and feed the kitties. 
Have a lovely (and snowy, if you are anywhere near me) Thursday!  


  1. Your girls are so cute! It's hard not to get Spring Fever when all you see is snow! I'm glad to see a few, Junk Journals - I put some on my blog the other day, I think they are so creative, and such a good way to organize my crazy ideas ! Happy Birthday to Adam!


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