Bedtime Routine

Bedtime around here used to bed pretty random, but now that we've entered into the world of two children I've realized that no matter how loosely we follow it we really need to have some sort of schedule at bedtime. 
Here's what we've been doing lately, and so far it seems to be working pretty well, although I'm quite sure that things will switch up as soon as Summer hits.

5:00pm (or around then-whenever we are done with dinner) I take the girls upstairs and it's tubtime. Adri soaks for a while, and Piper either sits in her seat or lays in the DockATot. Then I pop Piper in with Adri for a bit as well. 

5:30pm I get both girls out and p.js on. Adri brushes her teeth. We've been loving the piggy brush that The Brushies sent over. It used to be such a pain brushing Adri's teeth and she hated it, but no more! Read more about The Brushies here.
{Adri has Pinkey the Pig}

6:00pm we get in bed and read some stories and hang out for a little bit. Piper get her Zen Sack on as well. This thing is amazing and has really been helping her sleep better at night. The front is weighted so it feels like there is a hand on her chest and helps to sooth her. 

6:30pm we head downstairs and Piper nurses to sleep. Once she's asleep I lay her down in the DockATot and then nurse Adri Rose (she only nurses for a few minutes)and then hold her and rub her belly 'til she falls asleep. 

7:00pm Adri gets carried up to her room and when I head up to bed I take Piper with me. 

And that's it! I'm trying to keep it simple and, most importantly, consistent. Same things around the same time each night. I find that early (or no) naps for Adri Rose help with the the early/smooth bedtime routine as well. 

 (I received the Zen Sack compliments of Nested Bean. All thoughts and opinions are mine alone).

 (I received The Brushies Set compliments of The Brushies. All thoughts and opinions are mine alone).


  1. Beautiful pics of Adam and the littles. Love you


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