after the weekend: super bowl, beer making, and all the snow

Happy Monday! After a quick trip to the pet store on Saturday morning we spent the whole weekend getting snowed in. Honestly, it looked like the snow was never going to stop! 
Being snowed in means that we basically ate a lot, read books, watched Riverdale, brewed beer (Adam), cleaned the house (me), and did a whole lot of nothing. 

Is anyone else super excited that we are in February now? I mean, come on, it's no longer January, it's a nice short month, there are tax refunds, AND it has the birthdays of three people that I love; my mom, my little sister, and Adam all celebrate a birthday at some point in February. Anyway, I like this month :)

Today is a lot-of-coffee, maybe-take-a-nap day. Recovering from the Super Bowl (that I didn't even watch. ha) and being awake the bulk of the night with a teething babe.

Adam is moving to a new line at work today and his hours are changing (for the first time in a looooong time). Not a huge change, but still, a change. And if you know me at all you know how little I like change. 

Adri Rose just woke up (I've been awake with Piper since 5:45am) and I'm going to finish my coffee and watch the half-time show with her (she loves JT simply for the fact that he's "Branch" lol).

Happy Monday! 


  1. What are those picture books with beautiful illustrations?

    1. Hi Carissa,
      The bottom one is Mrs. Sharp's Traditions, and the top one is Tasha Tudor's A Time To Keep :)

  2. That's a beautiful shot of the tummy time. I just love her expression! So much effort...


    1. Isn't it funny? Babies are adorable, but they make the strangest faces sometimes! lol


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