after the weekend notes

+this week is is supposed to be in the 40's and 50's and we are super excited about it.

+I found a new favorite book at the thrift store (see below) and it's the cutest.

+another thrift store score was this great floor puzzle.

+tomorrow we are going to the library. I have a ton of stuff ready to be picked up. 

+both my children woke up this morning at 3:30am. Now both are sleeping, and have been sleeping for the past two hours.

+both children sleeping means I'm getting a ton of work done.

+we celebrate birthdays this past weekend with my family, and played this game (it was one of Adam's stocking stuffers).

+it's a gray, rainy day here and we are spending it reading books and taking things easy.

+I'm off to hang laundry and make a pot of tea. 

I found this sweet little book at a thrift store on Saturday. I grabbed it because I saw the illustrations were by Garth Williams (one of my favorite illustrators) but after looking at it a bit more realized the story is precious as well. It's a nice way of introducing children to the changing seasons, holidays, and the days of the week+months of the year.
Just look at the illustrations! Aren't they beautiful? The one below is making me long for Summer.

Lately with the cold weather my go-to meal has been some sort of chunk of meat baked with lots of veggies. Simple, easy, and makes my man happy.
{my apologies to any vegans or vegetarians reading--please skip over this photo}

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday! 


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