after the weekend: all the happenings

If you've been following along with me on Instagram you'll have already seen that it was far too cold last week.  The temperature barely went above 0 for well over three days, and both my MOPS group and a staff meeting at work were canceled due to the cold. On the bright side things are supposed to be much warmer this week (hello, 30's!) and we are pretty happy about that.

Besides the cold our week was full of visiting (the sisters were over here for a few days, and because of the snow/cold ended up crashing here a couple nights), a date night and trip to see Star Wars for Adam and me, and (for the munchkins and me) a visit to see my friend Alyson, yesterday.

I'm ready for this new week though. I might have only gotten a few hours of sleep, have a mountain of laundry to wash, and dishes in the sink, but still, bring it on Monday!

For the first time in a while I don't think I have anything on my calendar these next few days. No meetings, doctor's appointments, or places to be. After all the busyness of the holidays I have to admit,  that sounds pretty nice.

Have a wonderful Monday!