Piper Mae: Four months old

Time is flying and Piper is now four months old! In some ways she seems so much older than four months, but in other ways still so tiny (well, that's mainly in comparison to Adri Rose, aka The Hulk).

At four months old Piper is:

+rolling over.

+sitting up (she still needs support, but can sit fairly well now).

+talking, laughing, and giggling a lot.

+scooting forward on the floor (getting ready to crawl!).

She loves:

+the kitties.

+the bunnies.

+Adri Rose, Mommy and Daddy.

+milky (of course).

+car rides (she always passes out).



+kicking her feet all. the. time. Girl's got strong legs!

These second borns grow so fast! Piper already wants to move and keep up with Adri, and it almost makes me sad how frustrated she is that she can't. All she wants to do is move.
For the most part she is an easy-going, laid back baby. However, she's the opposite of Adri and is not at all social. She gets overwhelmed around a lot of people and noise and just likes being home.

She is a super good sleeper though. She falls asleep around 8:30pm, and only wakes at night to nurse and then goes back to sleep again. She wakes for the day at  6:30am on the dot, meaning we have lots of early morning bonding time ;)

Life with Piper is really the best. Even though it's only been four months I can't imagine what we did without her around. Life would definitely not be the same.


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