life is a bed of roses {DockATot review}

{many thanks to DockATot for kindly providing a sleep lounger for us. All opinions are mine alone}

As most of you are probably aware by now we co-sleep with Piper. Our current set-up (and the one we had with Adri) is a wooden co-sleeper next to my side of the bed. Adri slept in that until six months and then she was transferred to the crib (still in our room) where she would sleep until the first time she waked to nurse and then she would move back into our bed. I have been planning on doing the same with Piper, but thanks to the DockATot don't think I'll have to.
The only real reason I transferred Adri (and am planning on moving Piper) to the crib is because I have terrible co-sleepers. Both my children love to kick and roll (Piper started rolling over by a week old) all over the place like crazy.  Adri is now in her own bed for most of the night, however she still at some point comes and crawls into bed with us. Now that Piper is now bigger she hates the co-sleeper, and only wants to sleep right next to me in bed.

DockATot that Piper has found here.

Enter the DockATot. YOU GUYS. This thing has changed my life! I only wish I had one when Adri was a baby! It sits safely in the middle of the bed and that is where Piper now sleeps. It's like her own spot, but still sleeping with us. And she LOVES it (the obvious plus).

Besides having it in bed I've found so many ways to use this thing. Just for starters, here's a few:

One: When giving baths it's a safe place to set baby when transferring in and out of the tub.
Two: Outside, when we are playing and I need to set Piper down.
Three: For naptime, I set her in it on the floor.
Four: When we go to other people's houses and I need to be able to set her safely somewhere.
Five: In the middle of the bed, when I'm folding laundry or cleaning the room.
Six: It works well to prop Piper up on so she can look around for tummy-time.
Seven: To set Piper in and keep her out of the way of a little too enthusiastic toddler.

Another fantastic thing is that the DockATot comes in different sizes, and you can get a large one, like I did, that fits bigger babies and toddlers.

New favorite baby item? I think so!