after the weekend: washer broken, pet mice, and beanboozled

What a weekend! On Saturday we took a trip to town, visited the pet store, got Chinese food for lunch, and went thrift store shopping. I scored some nice finds (this puzzle for $3.00!) and Adam stocked up on books (of course).

Yesterday it was so warm out we all bundled up and headed outside for a few hours. I held Piper while Adam and Adri made a snowman, and dug a snow tunnel. Adri wanted to turn the snowman into a unicorn (see above).

I've found a wonderful homeschooling resource that I think anyone starting out on that adventure might find interesting. Wild+Free is a homeschooling community that's full of  encouragement. I signed up for the free bundle (just to check out what the content was like) and was not disappointment. Things like this make it so I can hardly wait until Adri is "officially" being taught at home!

I finally grabbed some photo albums at the thrift store and started putting photos in a few. I'm super good about printing photos out, but not so good about actually putting them somewhere we can view them. The photo albums were/are a big hit though, and Adri and Adam have been pouring over them the last two days. Now I need to go print more photos out {for printing I always use Snapfish since their photo quality and deals are the best I've found}!

Saturday night, after pizza and a movie I broke out the Jelly Bean game (Beanboozled). You guys. We couldn't do it--it was so nasty. We tried about three rounds and after the second nasty one we called it quits. Adri was playing and she got SO grossed out. Now it's stitting safely on a shelf, waiting for the little siblings to come over and play ;)

At the pet store we grabbed three little white mice and set up one of the aquariums for them. Adri loves them and they've been a huge hit. However, I told Adam that this is it--no more pets for at least a few months. Rabbits in the laundry room, mice on the landing, a python in the "man cave", and a parakeet in the bathroom. I'm not sure where we'd put anybody (or anything) else!

The washer: on Saturday I went to pull out a load of laundry and found that the washer hadn't drained. After a few attempts it swiftly became clear that it wasn't going to drain. Of course that's when I called for Adam to get involved (does anyone else start to panic when the washer stops working?) and no success. So today we are going to venture out to buy a new one, as the laundry is swiftly piling up.

Happy Monday! 


  1. Rosie, I loved hearing about all your pets. A friend in every corner, it seems. I would love to have a parakeet in the bathroom!! And yes, I panic too when the washer messes up. It is integral to the system!! That game looks like so much fun.


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