after the weekend: snowed in

Happy (cold) Monday! We are starting the week off with a freezing cold morning here. At least the sun is shining brightly, and that's plus.

Our weekend was full of snow, snow, snow. We ended up locking the keys in the car while it was running, when we were moving the vehicles around for our plow guy. And then, right after we got the car open, we got both the truck and car stuck in the snow. After working for a solid two hours we got them out. Yes, it was a great Saturday (not).


After all that we decided not to move from home and therefore spent two days in the house, reading, watching Riverdale, eating, and staying warm (really, there's not much else to do in winter). 
For the curious, I'm reading this, this, and this

We have a busy week ahead. Tomorrow we are taking Jack (the rabbit) to the vet to be nutered, Wednesday is work, Thursday is shopping (anyone wanna see a Aldi haul on Insta stories?), and new tires on the car, and Friday is MOPS. 

Is anyone else's child obsessed with P.J Masks? It's Adri's favorite show and she loves the toys as well.

I have some chicken cooking in the oven for chicken salad sandwiches later, laundry is washing, Piper is playing next to me, and Adri is in the livingroom playing in her dollhouse. Just a rather normal Monday morning.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. I think our weather is often similar to yours. We have tons of snow....and it is *cold*! The snow looks pretty until it gets muddy and icky! :)
    Have a great week!

  2. I am quite happy to have found you, even if by accident:) I used to love your mom's blog and feel blessed to discover that you have one of your own. Sharing your sweet family is a wonderful treasure! Also delighted to see you have an Etsy shop. I will purchasing from there for sure!:)


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