A Few Of My Favorite Toddler Items (all found on Amazon!)

A little list of some of the things that we love and use around here. Amazon is my favorite place to shop (hi, Prime with two-day shipping!) and we buy probably way too much stuff from there. Anyway, here are some of my favorite toddler toys (a few of them I still have to buy) that we use on a daily basis to keep Adri Rose busy.

Spark Kitchen Sink. Okay, so yes, I'm starting with an item we don't actually own yet, but this was too good to not include. I really, really, really want to get this for Adri. I've only heard good things about it, and for that price there's no going wrong!

Learning Resources has THE BEST stuff. Check out this dinosaur counting set. Honestly, all their stuff is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. Especially if you are planning on homeschooling.

My Neighbor Totoro. This book is beautiful, and the perfect read aloud. Does anyone else have a toddler that loves Hayao Miyazaki?

These fridge magnets. We have them on our fridge and Adri LOVES them. Perfect for littles learning their numbers and alphabet.

Popsicle molds. We always have homemade popsicles in the freezer, and while these days they've mainly just been juice pops, in the summertime we get fancy and make creamsicles. I only have cheap molds but these right here are on my list of need-to-buy.

ALEX Toy Tea Set. We have a tea set for Adri, but I also want to get her this one. The one she has is glass and I forsee it breaking very soon.

Adri got these Sofia The First magnetic dolls for Christmas and let me tell you, they have been such a hit! She plays with them every day and they are holding up really well.

Wooden Puzzle. We have this puzzle, and while Adri is a little too old for it now it was a favorite toy for quite a while.

This Ball Tent. We got it for Adri two Christmases ago and she loves it. It still works fine, and has held up really well. The fact that you can fold it up and stick it away is a super nice feature. Oh, and be prepared to be inundated with hundreds of balls.

Calico Critters. These are in the dollhouse (we have the dog and the monkey family) and are prefect for small hands. Fun note: Adri drew all over their faces only a couple weeks after getting them! Thanksfully I was able to wipe the marker right off!

Water Table. With it SO cold out right now it's hard to even imagine it hot enough to use this, but pretty soon it will be. This was Adri's "big" birthday present for her second birthday, and she used it all summer. I'm a huge fan of water tables now, and might even get a second one this year.


  1. Nice, except read the reviews of the sink...

    1. Thanks for pointing out the reviews! I've actually read them, but I also know a bunch of folks that currently have the sink and really like it (and it does seem to be holding up pretty well for them so far), so I think I still may buy it :)

  2. No more babies really for us to buy for...sadly. But nice list here. Also, being you are a librarian, would you have any suggestions for a chapter book or two for a boy in 3rd grade that is not full of bad stuff? A lot of books are so lacking today. He loves humor and puns of course. Thanks!!


    1. Hi Elizabeth!
      Depending on his reading level a few of the best ones I can think of off the top of my head would be; The Indian in The Cupboard books (by Lynne Reid Banks), the My Father's Dragon books (by Ruth Stiles Gannett ), anything by Beverly Cleary, the Henry Reed books (by Keith Robertson), and the Great Brain books. Oh, and the Homer Price books (by Robert McCloskey ) are really good too!

    2. Thanks so much Rosie!!


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