a day in the life: with two edition

It's been a while since my last Day In the Life post! This time I have two children, and I have to be honest, it was a good deal more difficult to keep up with what we were doing at what time. These days things kinda tend to fly by in a busy blur.


Tuesday, January 23, 2018

6:00am Piper wakes up and I nurse her for about 2 minutes. Then I get out of bed with her since she's up for the day. Adri, who is sleeping next to us in bed also wakes and asks to get up. I tell her yes, since we are going to town later in the morning and I know she'll get a nap in.

6:20am we all head downstairs. Adri gets out of her diaper (that she wears to bed) and Piper gets a diaper change. I get them all settled in playing with toys, grab a cup of coffee, start a load of laundry, and begin checking emails for work.

6:45am I give Adri a snack and go hop in the shower. After I get out we all head upstairs where we get dressed for the day and I make the bed while Adri plays with her pet mice for a few minutes.

7:00am I nurse Piper, and while I'm feeding her I call my sister Julia to visit for a few moments. Once Piper is done so I set her in her seat and go heat up some leftover (homemade) Chinese food from the night before to eat for breakfast.

7:30am now off the phone with Julia I get Adri to help me go through and quickly clean the house. We vacuum, wash the dishes, pack the diaper bag, and feed the rabbits.

9:00am out the door and on our way to the doctor's office. Both the girls nap in the car, just as I thought they would. On the way to our appointment my friend Alyson calls and checks to see if I want to go with her while she tries her wedding dress on again (she's getting married in July and I'm her maid of honor). I say yes, and we plan on meeting up after the doctor's.

10:30am Since it is so warm out and the rain is letting up a bit I stop to vacuum and clean the car out (for the first time in months). We also have to grab cat food at the Dollar Store before going to see Alyson.

2:00pm dress try on is a success (it's beautiful) and we head back. Both girls nap again on the ride there and back. I arrive home, pop a roasting chicken and some potatoes in the oven, open mail, answer some emails, and settle the girls in with toys, popcorn, and a t.v show.

3:00pm Adam arrives home and we all hang out and visit while I finish work, hang up laundry, and dinner cooks.

5:00pm dinner is done so we all grab plates and move into the living room, since we decided to watch an episode of something while we eat (keeping things real, you guys ;)).

6:00pm we head upstairs and it's time for bathes and pajamas. Adam and Adri play with her pet mice (they live in a tank on the landing) for a little while as well. I also take this moment to dash downstairs to quickly wash dishes, clean up the kitchen, and pack Adam a lunch.

7:00pm back downstairs again, reading a few books, hunting for a couple of Adri's lost toys, and then Adam heads to bed (he had a super early morning at work), and I put in Riverdale to watch, while Piper nurses to sleep, and Adri curls up next to me and falls asleep while I scratch her back.

8:30pm I move Adri to her bed, and put Piper in the co-sleeper in our room. I sit for a while on my phone catching up with social media and researching rugs (we need a bigger one for the living room), and then finally call it a night around 9:30pm.


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