ready or not

Is it really only days away from Christmas? This past month has flown by so fast. Yesterday Adam arrived home with Adri's early Christmas present--two floppy eared bunnies. She (and I) was shocked, and oh, so excited. They are now named Salt and Pepper (she wanted to call them Rabbit 1 and Rabbit 2, but I convinced her otherwise) and live happily on our back porch (they are inside/outside rabbits). 
This weekend is a busy one. Today we are going to do some more shopping, tomorrow some baking, on Monday Christmas morning is here at home, and dinner later in the day with my family, and then it's up to Northern New York to see Adam's family for a few days. 

This morning we awoke to snow outside. I'm drinking hot coffee, and the girlies are playing next to me (anyone else have a three month old that can roll over and almost crawl?). Sister Julia is coming over to hang out today with us for a while, and we'll probably do some thrift shopping.

I'm sure I'll be too busy to post the next week, so a very Merry Christmas to each one of you!