Piper Mae: Three Months Old

My little Chunk is now three whole months old, crazy, huh?
Piper Mae is the sweetest, most adorable little person. She smiles, giggles, lets us smother her with kisses, and we love her to bits!
What can I say? She was a fantastic addition to the family :)

At three months old Piper is:

+Rolling over, both ways.


+"Talking" (she makes the cutest cooing sound).

+Bouncing in her seat.

+Kicking her fat little legs.

+Grabbing at things with her hands.

+Sitting up (with help).

She loves: 

+The kitties.

+Adri Rose.

+Mommy and Daddy.


+Her wooden "play gym" (is that what those are called?).


She is still in 6-9 month clothing. At her last check-up (a few weeks ago) she weighed 13lbs, 5 oz, and was super healthy. She is still nursing alllll the time, and has some pre-teething happening (lots of drool, and chewing on things).

Piper Mae we love you so! 


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