Busy week, trip the ER, and all things Christmas

Outside our dining room window, each and every morning.

Probably the best picture I'm ever going to get with both my girls. We tried though, we tried.

Sure is happy for someone so sick.

When did she grow up??

This past week was a crazyyy one. So much going on. It was full of potty training a toddler, two sick babies, a truck to take to the shop, a work Christmas party, packages to mail out, and couple very important forms to fill out and also mail. Oh, and a early morning trip to the Emergency Room.

Don't worry. Everyone is fine. We've been sick here for well over a week (since Thanksgiving) with a bad cold and (for a couple days) low fevers. Everyone seems to be on the mend but Piper is still not herself. Because she's so tiny I decided to take her to the doctor's just to be on the safe side and make sure all was okay (besides a bad cold) and the earliest appointment I could make was Thursday late morning. Well, around 1:00am on Thursday morning she woke up hacking, coughing, and wheezing. I was pretty concerned so we took a trip to the ER to make sure her lungs were clear (she still could nurse fine).  Of course she was fine, and nothing wrong with her other than the cold. No signs of ear infection, fever or congested lungs. I did take her to the doctor later on in the morning for a follow up and she said the same thing. Take it easy, make sure Piper nurses a lot, and there's not much else we can do.
SO. That all happened.
Also, a huge thanks to my parents, and little sisters for all their help this past week. And my dad for going to the ER with me and the babe. I honesty don't know what we'd do without their help.

Today we've been following the doctor's orders and couch snuggling, reading books, and watching Frosty and Rudolph. There's a chicken roasting in the oven, candles lit, and I'm going to string some cranberries for the tree in a bit.
Our weekend plans are super chill (after this past week it better be!). Maybe a visit to Santa, and some present wrapping and that's about it.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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