Baby in the car: cleaning tips {guest post}

With the all the holidays here I know many of us will be traveling to see family and friends. Sophie Evans lives in the UK with her husband, two girls, and Golden Retriever, and she loves to travel. But she also knows that only with the proper preparation it can be a pleasant experience. Here are some of her helpful tips on keeping things organized while on the road.

Why is travelling with kids always linked with the hassle, mess, screams and chaos? Why has it to be this way? Most parents would rather go on a journey by car, especially in the presence of babies because it is a lot more convenient for all parties. However, how are parents supposed to keep the car clean and tidy during those travels? What if there are more than two babies? What if there are even pets with you on that road trip? Before you feel like giving up, you need to make sure that you try everything out.

Fortunately, there are some tips to make the trip more enjoyable and organised. Parents from all over the world have found ways how to keep the cars clean and devised tricks for making all the mess smaller. All those tricks include everything from how to make an old glass fit for the travel to how to organise your car better in order to keep the seats gunk-free and to prevent the car from getting all littered.

As I am a mother of two gorgeous girls and we also have a Golden Retriever, it is never easy on a long road trip. My husband and I have an experience in such adventurous travels and somehow we both became tempered already. But for all those who still have not, I will share with you some travel hacks if you are planning on going miles away… by a car and with babies. All these tips will help you travel without you having to worry about spillages and crumbs all over the car. I am sure that all those people who pay an extra attention to the car’s condition, will find these tips quite beneficial.

The top secret of travelling hassle-free with children is simply trying to keep everything tidy and organised. As small children are still not in habit of keeping it all clean, you should definitely provide yourselves with tons of napkins, bags and wet wipes. The easiest and most convenient way to keep all the aforementioned things is to put them in a dressing case or a tissue box. The wet wipes come in handy for a fast cleaning as they are antibacterial and the whole family can use them before having a snack, for example. You can also use them to clean the seat belt straps. Another thing is that they are inexpensive. Plus, if you do not have a face cleanser or you forgot it, you can use the wet wipes for removing makeup.

As babies and small children love to make it all messy (sometimes intentionally), you will need to think of a place where to put all the trash. If they have grown up enough to take your “commands”, try to teach them to hand you forward all the used cups, candy wrappers, empty plastic bottles, etc. Once you collect it in one place, you can easily throw it all out. If you think that you will go crazy if your children make constant attempts to give you all this trash, you can make yourself an inexpensive dispenser. Just get a grocery bag and put it in an empty tissue box. Easy peasy.

It is essential to keep your children entertained and focused during those travels. So before starting a journey, you need to plan it from the very beginning. Think of entertaining games but forget about crayons or markers if you do not want to see the car interior in a different color. Instead, bring a couple of toys or magnets.

Sometimes no matter how careful you are, accidents happen. If there are crumbs or cereal all over the car seat, do not panic, instead use lint rollers to pick them all up.

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