after the weekend: snow, birthdays, and last of the shopping

Happy Monday everyone! It's cold and snowy here, I'm sipping coffee, one baby is asleep up in my bed, and the other is asleep in her little bed, under the Christmas tree.
How is it that we have only one week left until Christmas? The New Year is coming fast and to be honest I don't know if I'm completely ready for it.

Our weekend was busy. On Saturday all five of us sisters went out shopping (with the two babes that made seven girls total!). Everyone got the last of their Christmas shopping done, and we had a blast. 
Sunday Adam and I took things easy, and had some much-needed family time. Later in the afternoon I went up to the parent's place where we celebrated my dad's and Sophia's birthdays.

I have a feeling that this coming week is going to fly by. I have work, and some baking to do. After Friday Adam has off work until after the New Year, and we are going up to see Adam's family right after Christmas Day. 

So busy busy around here! 

photos below from this past week:


  1. Hello Rosie. Your home looks so cozy, love your photos especially the one of your daughter in kitchen and that beautiful plant with books. Happy Monday.


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