When is too early?

Since Halloween is officially now over I've started seeing a mad rush to start decorating for Christmas. Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas and it's my all-time favorite holiday, however sometimes I do have to wonder what happened to Thanksgiving. 
Thanksgiving is a pretty big deal around here with my family. We all look forward to celebrating it, and try to make every effort for each one of us children (and our families) to be there, gathered around the table on every fourth Thursday of November. This year is especially exciting since for the first time in about 6ish years all ten of us children, our families, and my mom and dad are going to all be able to be there. 

I try to hold out on most of the Christmas-y stuff such as decorating and music until after Thanksgiving (literally the day after I get started on all that!), however I do attempted to always have the bulk of my Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving. 

And that brings me around to holiday clothing. How early is it to dress my kiddos in Christmas themed clothing (something I never had to consider before becoming a mom)? I hope the answer is never, since this adorable shirt and onsie arrived in the mail last week and after putting them on the girlies I never want to take them off. 

Shirts are from Crunchy Cuts.

I'm really curious to know, when do you start decorating and listening to Christmas music--before or after Thanksgiving? Also, if you do decorate early, do you wait longer to put up the tree or does it all happen at once (in one big bang!)?