Thanksgiving 2017

What a wonderful, long, and busy past few days. It was so great to celebrate Thanksgiving all together, with the whole family there. 
We had a houseful of company, people sleeping over, good food, and it was fantastic. Adri was in her element waking up each morning to people in the house, and kept calling her cousins "my friends". 
We even managed to get the first photo in over ten years of all ten of us siblings! Not the greatest quality, since it was taken pretty late in the evening and we had really poor lighting. However, still, we got the picture.

The big highlight of Adam's long weekend was him shooting a deer! He is soooo proud of his buck. Yesterday we dropped it off at the butcher's, and today we will be getting back a bunch of steaks, roasts, and burger, all nicely packed. 

Now that Thanksgiving is over it's full steam ahead all things Christmas. I have most of my Christmas shopping done, and only a couple gifts left to buy. Lot of wrapping to still do though! It does help that my family keeps things really simple and we do a gift exchange thing so we don't have to each buy 10+ presents in order to give one to each person. 
We went and cut down our tree yesterday and then Adri helped me decorate it (while Adam played with Piper). We also got out all the decorations and "decked the halls". Adri is trying to steal my glass nativity set to play with so I had go order this for her to use. 

Right now I'm on the couch answering emails, while Piper sleeps next to me under the light of the tree, and Adri snores upstairs in bed. My day is going to be filled with work, laundry, boiling turkey stock, and lots of Christmas music.

I hope each one of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with dear ones. 

Happy Monday!


  1. Beautiful! Such a blessing!Christina

  2. What a wonderful holiday you had together, with so many reasons to feel thankful! I had not realized your family is rather like my husbands. He was the youngest of four brothers and five sisters. And my children are very blessed with cousins!

  3. So glad you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving together! :) I love the pic of all the kids together! It's crazy to see how you all have grown since your mama's blogging days! It's goes in a zig zag....from A on the left up to O with his tallness...then back down to C and then up to the boys....down to you and then up to G! Haha! Large families are such a blessing! :)


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