Piper Mae: Two Months Old

How is it that the Tiny Person is already two months old? When did that happen?

Piper, aka The Peeper, Pipey, The Chunk, Baby Tiny, Flower, and Piper the Peeper is our little lovebug. Full of smiles, giggles, and love, she's our little ray of sunshine.

At two months old Piper can: 

Roll over (front to back).
Make baby noises.
"Talk" (in baby talk).

She has already out grown all her newborn things and moved up to three and six month clothing. She still loves to eat, loves Adri Rose, and chomps on her hands/fists (but thankfully hasn't found her thumb yet).

Roughly her daily schedule is: 

  • 5am: eats, diaper change (and if I get her to) goes back to sleep until 7am.
  • 7am: wakes for the day, diaper change, eats.
  • 9am: eats, and then falls asleep for about an hour.
  • 10-11am: awake giggles and visits with Adri.
  • 11am: nurses (again!) and down for her nap.
  • 1-2pm: wakes, more giggles, more nursing, tummy time, bath time, etc.
  • 4pm: another nap for about an hour, then she wakes to nurse and visit.
  • 8:30pm: nurses and falls asleep for the night (sometimes it's a little later).
  • 1am: wakes to nurse and falls right back to sleep.
  • 3:30am: wakes to nurse and falls back to sleep.

Life with two may be busier, but it's also a whole lot more fun! 


  1. What a darling girl! Looks like she's settled into a nice routine!

    Savor it all!

    1. She is the sweetest! She's so much fun too, and has a great personality. Like Adri she's also really good with routine and about a week after being born already had her own little schedule down :)


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