On Wednesday

It's Wednesday and there's no quote! That almost never happens, right?
Anyway, now it's officially the middle of the week. I always feel like Monday and Tuesday I'm climbing uphill, and then after Wednesday the rest of the week is like sliding down the hill. Is that strange?

It's been a super chilly week so far, and only supposed to get colder. Down in the teens Friday night!
Yesterday I got our front porch cleaned off, and hopefully this weekend we get the garage cleaned out. The last two "yard" things that needed to be done before the snow flies.

This time change has been a bit of a pain. Both girls have been waking up at 5:30-6:00am every morning, and that makes for a loooong day. Although, I'd rather it was them wake early/go to bed early than the opposite, since I'm totally a morning person.

Has anyone else been watching Alias Grace on Netflix? It's soooo good. I've always been a huge Margaret Atwood fan (starting when I first read The Handmaid's Tale many years ago) and am so happy that they are coming out with shows based on her books.

I think Piper must be having a growth spurt again. She's been eating up a storm. Seriously, it's been non-stop nursing mixed in with quite a few long naps. 
I've been looking at old pictures of Adri Rose around this time and it's been bringing back so many memories. It's crazy how different it is with the second baby. Everything with Adri was new, and we were still figuring it all out. She would make a small noise and I would go running, thinking something must be terribly wrong. Now with little Pipey it's a whole 'nother world. It's a good thing she's so laid back and easy-going. Those wonderful second borns (says the second born ;)).

I've been reading this book lately (sent to me to review), by Nadia Murad. It is so sad, but also a really good look into the current crisis in the Middle East. If you're someone like me, who doesn't know a whole lot about what what exactly is happening over there, or much about Isis, this is a very informative and real glimpse into that world. Oh, and Amal Clooney writes the forward, which it excellent.

I have laundry to hang up now,  a second cup of coffee to make, and breakfast to cook. If  you want to see a little of our daily life I'm posting on my Instagram stories today, if you'd like to follow along. 

Have a wonderful Wednesday!