Harry Potter's Hogsmead's Finest Butterbeer {recipe}

“All I want to do is be at Hogwarts with you, eating turkey legs in the great hall while listening to the carols of the ghosts gliding past us. Then maybe we can go to Hogsmeade to get a butterbeer.” 

 Maria Elena, Eternal Youth

Is anyone else out there huge Harry Potter fans? We sure are. Weirdly enough we didn't grown up reading the books and were only introduced to them later on once they were all published and the movies were all out. The one nice thing about that was that fact that we didn't have to wait on the edge of our seats for the next book to be published and got to plow through them all at one time. 

Butterbeer is often mentioned in the Harry Potter books and for a while now I've been itching to make it. Halloween seemed the perfect time to give it a try and it really didn't disappoint. This is creamy, yummy, and not only easy to make but only takes about five minutes to whip up!

You will need: 

2 liters of cream soda.
3-4 tablespoons of butter.
3/4 cup of brown sugar.
2 cups of whipping cream.
10 caramel candies.
Butterscotch flavoring.

To make: 

Heat the butter in a pan until melted and add the brown sugar stirring until melted.
Pour the cream soda into a pot and bring to a boil.
Add the butter mixture, about a 2 tsps of the flavoring, and candies. When the candies are all melted add the whipping cream and heat everything well.

Serve hot.

*you can find the printable labels here.


  1. Same. I didn't read them when they came out. I read through the series last year for the first time and just completed it the second time. I'm 41. It's never too late to become a Harry Potter fan! Have you listened to "Harry Potter and the Sacred Text"? It's a podcast. You might like it!
    The recipe looks good but I'm wondering if it's too sugary?

    1. I haven't listened to the podcast and will have to check it out-it sounds good!
      You could cut back on the brown sugar in the recipe. I started with only using 1/4 cup and it was barely sweet, so I kept adding more until it tasted right. I'm sure you could just add less if you don't want it very sweet.


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