We got hit with some terrible cold right after Thanksgiving and this past week both girls and I have been feeling pretty under the weather. I stayed home from work on Monday evening because Piper had a fever, and then Adri was awake most of last night with a fever. This is the second time Adri's ever been actually sick (the first time was with an ear infection when she was 6 months old) other than a mild cold and it's had me probably way more worried than I should be. Hopefully the worst is over, and we are heading toward getting better now. Piper is fine, other than the same bad cough that I have, and Adri's fever seems to be all gone today as well.

Things are pretty festive here in the infirmary though. Lots of Christmas music, and twinkling lights. This weekend I have two gifts left to buy, and then it's all about wrapping and sending packages out.

Still no snow here and it's been fairly warm (in the 40s and 50s). It's been a nice changes from the freezing cold we've had most of November. We're enjoying the warmth knowing that the inevitable cold and snow will be here in January for sure.

I'm signing off now and making this a rather short post because I have work tonight and need to finish some work here before getting ready to leave.

Happy Wednesday!