after the weekend: feels like winter!

Happy Monday! We spent a snowy weekend at home and it was the best. Lots of movie-watching (we finally watched Wonder Woman--excellent!), reading, cooking together, and bit of deep cleaning and winterizing. 
Friday was sooooo cold. Since the fridge was completely bare I kinda had no choice but to bundle up the girls, brave the snow and cold and head to town for groceries. Also, we got the snow tires on the truck that day, so talk about prefect timing! 

On Saturday we got the garage finally cleaned out and all the yard stuff put away. I wanted to wait until today (it was still pretty chilly) but Adam convinced me not too, and I guess it was a good thing because we woke this morning to more snow falling outside, and it doesn't seem to be planning on stopping any time soon.

Every morning I get up early with Piper Mae, pop her in the wrap and start walking. My view from the treadmill looks through the living room and out the windows. As the sun rises I can see what the weather looks like and in the past month I've watched it go from colorful leaves to magical snowy-ness. It's somehow rather therapeutic and something I've begun looking forward to as a start to my morning. That and coffee. Always and forever coffee.

I'm off to make breakfast, clean the house, hang laundry, and begin to tackle the never-ending emails. 

Have a lovely day! 

Saturday afternoon roast.
Most weekends Adam and I take turns cooking. If I cook Saturday dinner he cooks Sunday (or vice versa). This past weekend I made roast for dinner on Saturday and he made meatloaf for dinner on Sunday.

My beautiful little chunk. 
Side note: How do babies nails get SO dirty? I mean, it's not like they are grubbing around anywhere, right? #momproblems

Snow day French Toast.

Morning views.

Gimme all the coffee and (whipped) cream.


  1. The weather turned cold here in Pennsylvania after a mild summer and warm autumn. No snow yet, but it is cold. I love to see babies bundled up in darling knits!

    1. I know! You must have the same weather that we do. It was really warm and then about a week ago the cold hit and sadly I think it's finally here to stay :(

  2. Ahhh...what a sweet little "chunk" you have! Adorable! Happy Winter to you too!

    1. Thanks Emma! I'm pretty proud of her, but I often think that's just because I'm biased ;)


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