29 months in

I'm twenty-nine months into my motherhood journey, and that also means I've been breastfeeding for twenty-nine months. Originally I thought Adri would be done nursing around one and a half, but nope, she held on. Then I got pregnant and figured she'd wean herself when my milk started drying up. But nope, she still didn't. The last couple months of my pregnancy were really hard ones for both of us. There was basically no milk at all, and she still insisted on nursing at least twice a day (to fall asleep at naptime and again at bedtime).

Now that Piper has arrived we are in the land of dairy again (no kidding) and I'm now nursing two. Something I really didn't plan on doing, but I've found I actually don't mind. It's also much easier now since Adri is no longer nursing to fall asleep, and only needs "milky" on and off once in awhile.

My favorite part of nursing my babes is how I get to look into their sweet little faces, with their big blue eyes looking lovingly up at me. We spend a lot of bonding time, cuddling and talking (well, me talking and them listening).

For some time now I've really been wanting to get nursing necklace for the girls (especially Adri) and when The Vintage Honey Shop sent this one over to me I couldn't have been more excited.
It's super sturdy, stylish, and I really really love the color (I'm a sucker for anything blue). More importantly both girls love it. Adri plays with it while nursing, and Piper grabs ahold of it and won't let go. It's nice to give them something to do while they are nursing and keeps them from just playing with my hair, or clothes.

The Vintage Honey Shop has also kindly sent over a coupon code for you guys, in case you'd like to purchase a necklace as well (or as a gift for some mama that you know). Use code rosierambles for a discount!

**This post was sponsored by The Vintage Honey Shop, but all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.