ready for the weekend

What, it's already Friday?! This past week flew by! It was super busy with apple sauce making, shopping, reading this book, baby holding, cleaning, work, and everything in between. 
The next few days are also going to be busy ones. Tonight we are carving pumpkins (although I think Adri will be sad since she's been playing with them), tomorrow Adam is squirrel hunting with a friend in the morning, Sunday we are going to town for a pumpkin festival (they have it every year), Monday is my first day back working at the library, and Tuesday is Halloween, and our annual Halloween party!
Soooo, don't be surprised it you don't see me back here until the middle of next week. Just know that we'll be straight out busy having fun.

Who else is super excited about season 2 of Stranger Things? I know what Adam and I are doing after the girls go to bed tonight... 
I've been trying to take a five mile walk in the morning first thing instead of just getting busy with work and it's been kinda wonderful. Instead of hopping on the computer to deal with clients and emails I pop Piper in the wrap, let Adri watch a movie, turn on a podcast, and hop on the treadmill for an hour. It's nice to listen to encouragement and get some exercise before a busy day starts.

Adri and I have been having snack platters or salad for lunche every day and it's been kinda great. Easy, kid-friendly, and delicious. 

Mushroom, onion, and arugula quesadillas made by Adam.

We are loving the warm Fall weather that's still here. Usually by this time there's snow on the ground! 

My angel-baby. Please stay tiny forever.

Really though, LOOK at that face. And the adorable (and one day expensive) underbite :) 

I'm off to dress my children (yup, still in p.js over here), and make some lunch. I've also got emails to wrap up before the weekend, dinner to start (meatloaf and mashed potatoes), and the upstairs to clean.
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I'm interested in what you thought of that book. I was offered it to review but I chose another. There were mixed reviews already on that one.


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