Puppy Party!

Wesley and Claire are up visiting for a couple weeks with their kiddos, and yesterday my little sister had them over to celebrate her pup Ponyo's first birthday. It was adorable, and also crazy hectic with lots of  balloons, small children, and four dogs running around. Anju made plenty of treats, cupcakes, and a puppy-friendly peanut butter cake. 

Adri always has a blast with her cousins (this was no exception) and the cousins got to meet little Piper for the first time (she was a big hit). 

Such a fun, wonderful afternoon! 

Maggie, Josie, Anjuli ,and Mimosi {holding Pip, Ponyo, and Penny}.

By the way, it's FRIDAY and I am ready for the weekend! Adam has work tomorrow, and is going to put some new shocks on the truck afterwards. We are also going to try to hang out with Wesley and Claire either Saturday afternoon or Sunday. 
It's been chilly the past couple days and our furnace hasn't been working. We had a new furnace installed yesterday and wow, it is so much better than our old one. I hadn't realized how inefficient the old one was until we got the new one. Yay for heat, right?!

So, happy weekend, and I'll see you back here on Monday!


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