Piper Mae: One Month Old

 Our little Piper is already a whole month old! She really is the sweetest and most easy-going baby. She also happens to be the noisiest. Lots of snuffles, baby noises, squawks-you name it. She's so loud she sometimes wakes Adri up at night!

At one month old Piper can:

+Roll over to one side. I know, I didn't even KNOW that babies can roll over at one month old, but now I've been enlightened. You should have seen my face the first time she rolled over.

+Smile when people are talking to her.

+Make cooing noises.

She loves:

+Mommy. I am, hands down, her favorite person (no surprise though, seeing that I have the milky!). Adri comes second, and then everyone else.

+Being held. Piper loves being carried around.

+Music. She loves listening to music of any kind.

Her daily schedule (roughly):

::6:00am. wake, eat and go back to sleep.

::7:30am. wake up and nurse again.

::10:00am.  nurse and then down for her morning nap.

::11:30am. wake, tummy time, and bath time.

::2:30pm (ish). nurse and long nap of the day.

::5:00pm. wakes up, eats, and visits.

::7:30pm. p.j.s on, nurses, and falls asleep.

She wakes during the night to eat, but falls right back to sleep again.
Of course this is all a pretty loose schedule, and some days its a huge mess, but this is mostly how it goes ;)

I can't wait to see how much more she changes in the next month!
Also, did anyone else have a baby that rolled over by a month old? I'd love to know! 


  1. Time sure does fly by . . . she is adorable!

  2. Can't believe she's a month old. So precious!Christina


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