Miss Fong Diaper Bag Review

I've been in need of a new diaper bag for awhile now. The bag that we got from Adam's sister when Adri was born (over two years ago!) was wonderful and I loved it, but sadly it's seen it's day and has since been retired for some time now. 

Now have two littles I really don't have enough hands to carry one, hold the hand of another, and carry a bag. I decided this time on buying a backpack style diaper bag and since then have been looking for the perfect one. 

I'm not sure about you guys, but I've been seeing a whole lot of those oh-so popular Fawn Design diaper bags all over lately. And, while (along with everyone else) I love them, my frugal heart just can't get past the $160.00 prize tag. Maybe for some things I can spend that much, but not for a faux leather bag. Nope, can't do it.

So I started looking for a bag similar to Fawn Design and discovered (to my great joy) Miss Fong bags. Basically identical to FD, just wayyyyy more affordable at only $45.00.

That very day I placed my order and two days later (thank-you Amazon Prime!) received my bag in the mail. 

Moms (I don't think anyone else is probably still reading this post), I love this bag. It's sturdy, a beautiful color, and fits a ton of stuff! 
I honestly don't know why anyone would choose to purchase a Fawn Design bag when you can have basically the same thing for less than half the price. 

I was a bit worried that it might look cheap, but it's not by any means. It also comes several other beautiful colors (black, gray, and a lovely blush color) so if you're not a brown bag person there's other options.
You can also go here to read another review, and see how it compares in size to a FD Bag.

See? Lots of space! I have diapers (for two), wipes, diaper cream and sunscreen, my Moby Wrap, burp cloth, wallet, make-up bag, and few snacks all in there. And there's still room for more. 

There you have it. An honest, un-sponsored, and raving review of my new favorite bag.