Whew, the weekend is here and I'm pretty happy about it. Mainly because more family is coming up for the next couple days and we are all getting together to celebrate a certain 14 year old's birthday, and have a big pasta dinner. 

While Julia is here I'm going to see if she can snap some family pictures. We still don't one of all four of us and it's rather sad. 

We (the girls, my mom, dad, and me) also are going on a tour of Adam's workplace. I've never been inside, so it's going to be fun seeing where he spends 80% of his time. It's a big company (they have over 1600 employees) and he only works in one of the many departments (he's in welding, obviously).

So, lately. With two littles basically every day is an adventure. I'm busy from sunrise to sunset {and then from sunset to sunrise ;)} with work and my munchkins. Adri loves her sister so much and already gets her to smile and giggle at her. They spend all day just hanging out together.

When I'm not straight out taking care of them or working, I'm cleaning, cooking, doing laundry, reading, and knitting. You know, just ordinary life.

It's chilled down for real now and it's officially Fall. I've already gotten some early Christmas shopping done since there were some good sales and I'm ready for the holidays. We have Halloween (we are still planning costumes), then Thanksgiving, and then Christmas. Christmas this year with two little girls is going to be such fun-even if Piper has no clue whats going on.

The other afternoon, once Adam was home from work, I took Adri outside for a bit to explore. Then we came in and made peanut butter pinecones for the birds. Since we've been so busy I find that I have to be more intentional in spending time with Adri. She's been so big and sweet with the adjustment, but I do realize she misses it being just the two of us all day, and having my undivided attention.

I had my six week postpartum (a blog post coming about that soon!) check-up yesterday and I feel like the pregnancy is finally over and I can move on with life. In another week I head back to work part-time and I've been planning how I'm going to incorporate exercise (yay for treadmills!) with two children and the cold winter months looming ahead.

There's also a sale going on in the Shop right now! Use coupon code Fall45 for 45% off anything in the Shop (good through 10/25). 

I'm off to bathe a baby, make sauce and meatballs for tomorrow, and clean my house. I did have a MOPS meeting today but I decided to not go so that we could relax a bit and I could get some housework done {life is all about choices, decisions, and balance, you guys ;)}.

Have a lovely weekend!